Chesapeake Bay Management Group: Building Momentum for Green Living

How Chesapeake Bay Management Group Elevates Alternate Energy

Getting smart technologies and renewable energy options into our community is Chesapeake Bay Management Group’s top priority. We ensure that Inspire Energy’s services achieve full impact by being their voice in Maryland.

Our people feel compelled to make a difference. As such, it’s easy for them to get behind our mission to spread the word about the benefits of green living. We connect homeowners and businesses with Inspire Energy. Our work makes it easy for people to get excited to use wind energy and intelligent tech such as smart vents, locks, and thermostats, which help people lower their energy use. A vision to make the planet healthier inspires all we do.

Chesapeake Bay Management Group’s customer acquisition expertise puts Inspire Energy’s mission out there. Our campaigns engage targeted consumers in real time. This outreach is tailored to their unique needs to ensure that the message resonates. By fostering meaningful relationships, we strengthen the influence of clean energy options for individual community members and businesses alike.

Raising Awareness of Clean Solutions

Chesapeake Bay Management Group’s primary function is to spark conversations about smart tech and low-carbon power. We’re all committed to this cause, and our enthusiasm is clear. We make sure consumers learn all they need to know about green energy, so they can make informed decisions for their home lives, business operations, and the planet overall. The connections we make between a company grounded in sustainability and likeminded people create pathways to a brighter future.

The Chesapeake Bay Management GroupCore Principles


We’ve built a team of customer acquisition experts. They bring diverse talents and experiences to the mix, which propels the success of Inspire Energy as well as Chesapeake Bay Management Group


There are the usual ways of doing things, and then there are our ways of doing things. We challenge each other to take risks and disrupt the norm. This originality puts us at the top of our industry.


At Chesapeake Bay Management Group, no one works in a silo. We support one another. Our commitment to collaboration is clear in all our work, and so is our enthusiasm for clean, smart energy.


Chesapeake Bay Management Group has a reputation for action and influence. We get behind a cause that sparks positive change, and we’re dedicated to making an impact.

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