Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc is about more than just clean energy. When we’re not busy introducing customers to Inspire Energy, we spend our time helping to make our community and the world at large a better place. For example, we recently took part in a team-building philanthropy event where we donated money to the Homer Trails Shelter for dogs.

In return, the shelter offered us the chance to have a puppy party! We’ll visit the shelter together, taking a well-deserved break from our normal routines and basking in the joy that is a room full of puppies. While this will be fun for us, it’s also a giveback event in its own right. Rachel, Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc’s head of HR, notes that while we’re enjoying ourselves at the shelter, we‘re also helping the puppies socialize with humans, which makes them more adoptable. Plus, the extra exercise does them some good as well.

While we’re excited about helping these pound puppies find forever homes, we’re also jazzed about the time we’ll spend together as a group. These types of social outings, where we have fun in relaxed, personal settings, are crucial to maintaining our team spirit at the office.

Bonding as a group while helping our community and playing with puppies – we’ve really got a good thing going here! To see what cause we join together and support next, follow Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc on Twitter.