One of the many perks people enjoy when they join Team Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc is the opportunity to travel for business. In today’s job market, fewer companies prioritize trips. Instead, they rely on virtual spaces to connect with others. Our philosophy is a bit different. We see traveling as being worth the investment. In turn, this is something that gives us a competitive edge when it comes to our operations and recruitment. Here are just a few reasons we go to various places throughout the year:

• Great Incentive: Our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc reward program includes opportunities for associates to vie for trips that range from national conferences to tropical retreats. We set goals they have to hit. Those who qualify are invited to join our leaders on these excursions.

• Learning Opportunities: There’s so much to learn on the road. We might meet new people who can be great resources. We can observe another office’s methods. At conferences, we listen to industry leaders share how they’ve succeeded. This extra knowledge only helps our careers. More key, we better understand our industry and the impact we have on communities and how we can grow in this field.

• Get to Put Knowledge to Practice: Each travel event is a chance for us to also demonstrate the skills we’ve acquired in-house, such as networking with others or identifying new markets into which we can expand and drive customer acquisitions for Inspire Energy.

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