A commitment to social impact has always been at the heart of the Chesapeake Bay Management Group, Inc. culture. We’ve discovered that making a difference in the community doesn’t have to be an overly expensive prospect. Here are a few of our favorite strategies for giving back in cost-efficient ways.

Donating goods is one easy way to make a difference in the community. An in-office collection of canned food, winter clothing, or toys can bring team members closer while also supporting nonprofits and people in need. Such donation drives also act as great team-building events. Around the Chesapeake Bay Management Group, Inc. office, we’ve learned that the rewarding feeling that comes with supporting good causes is tough to beat.

Charities also have a common need for professional assistance of various kinds. Team members can donate their marketing expertise to help a local cause expand awareness. Management skills and IT prowess also come in handy for nonprofits.

Partnering with a local charity is another simple way to make a positive impact. Having team members serve meals at a homeless shelter or help with an animal adoption drive are two easy ways to support great causes while building a firm’s public profile.

These are a few of the best simple ideas for social impact. Follow Chesapeake Bay Management Group, Inc. on Twitter for more on our approach to giving.