Promotions are very much a part of Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc’s structure and ethics. We take pride in providing our people with career tracks that allow them to advance professionally and grow personally. When team members have incentive to put in the effort because they can see opportunities on the horizon, it furthers their resolve to do their best work. Samuel, our President, highlights some of the best practices anyone can apply to be promoted:

• Launch a Career in a Fast Growth Industry: “People who do their research on the marketplace know where long-term growth is likely to be found,” Samuel noted. “Places like Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc that are focused on technologies that will be important in the future, like clean energy, are ones in which there are more chances to advance in the future.”

• Maintain a Positive Attitude and Image: “People who are upbeat and see opportunity everywhere are the types of individuals that tend to rise to the top when it comes to promotions,” Samuel explained.

• Push to the Front: As Samuel noted, team members who routinely raise their hand and volunteer to take on more responsibilities set themselves up for success. “It’s not as much about what you can do, but what you’re willing to learn to do,” he added. “Initiative is a huge deciding factor with professional growth.”

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