Building a team-oriented office environment takes time and effort, but it’s an investment we’re glad to make. Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc thrives when our team members are working in harmony, which makes a culture of collaboration one of our top priorities.

To create camaraderie, we like to get everyone together outside the office to have fun and relax together. This lets us all get to know one another as people, not just professionals, which leads to closer bonds and communication channels that make our workplace more unified.

“Our team nights usually happen every Thursday. It’s the perfect day for us to let off some steam,” shared Rachel, Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc’s head of human resources. “We usually go to an arcade or restaurant, but sometimes we’ll do an after-hours game night right here in the office. It is great to be part of a company that promotes team bonding and building. We’re all friends here, and we honestly enjoy each other’s company. In my experience, this type of camaraderie can be hard to find.”

Shared experiences are one of the ingredients that make up a culture, office or otherwise, and that’s what makes our team nights so special. At least three or four times a month we have a chance to build our bank of common memories with one another. These positive events create a communal feeling of inclusion and support among our associates, which leads to stronger teamwork during our normal workday.

Our culture works for us because we work on our culture. Learn more about our office atmosphere by following Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc on Twitter.