Before we know it, the clock will strike midnight on January 1, heralding in a brand new year. There’s an energy already building within our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc office as we finalize our plans for 2019. According to Rachel, our admin, the theme for next year is growth.

As we continue to direct more customers toward clean energy solutions offered by Inspire Energy, we see the need to expand our consulting and marketing services. We want to keep spreading the word about how homeowners and businesses are benefiting from smart technology. For us, it’s more than just results. As part of Team Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc, we’re doing our part to make our world greener.

It’s this passion for what we do that gives our firm a distinct edge in the marketplace. We know that when customers embrace the solutions we promote, they’ll realize savings for their homes and offices as well. It’s all about people at Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc. Everything from our strategy and measurable goals to our careers are focused on helping everyone move forward.

With growth come chances for more ambitious pros to get on board with our firm. We’ll soon start to recruit candidates to join us as we extend our reach into new markets and further our growth potential.

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