We asked each other how we would describe the company culture at Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc, and a few of the words that were heard more than once were vibrant, fun, supportive, encouraging, welcoming, and motivating. Every one of us is encouraged to be our best and achieve our goals.

Of course, maintaining such a positive office atmosphere requires purposeful action on the part of our company leaders. Samuel, President of Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc, makes keeping our workplace environment inviting and inspiring one of his top priorities.

One of the best tools he uses for this is team nights. We often get together outside the office and after hours for social events like bowling, seeing a sporting event, or going out to dinner. These gatherings give us a chance to connect with one another on a personal level, away from our roles and titles. The communication channels created at these outings transcend teams and even departments, making our company feel more like a big family.

Our philanthropy program plays a role in our team spirit as well. We support worthy causes in our area as a group, and when we’re working together to make a positive difference in the world, we get to see each other in ways that we might not notice during the course of our normal workweek routines.

We are a team that wants everyone to achieve great things in their careers, and our culture reflects that aspiration. Check out our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc Newswire feed to learn more.