Our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc learning system is built on training techniques that encourage success in any industry. We want our team members to do more than just thrive in the roles for which they are hired; we’re invested in helping them reach their personal and professional potential.

For example, we have seen firsthand the power of one-to-one coaching. From day one with Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc, novices are paired with practiced leaders. This gives new team members a chance to ask questions and feel more confident as they take the first steps of their career journeys with us.

We also rely on workshops and seminars to inspire success. Along with personalized support, we know that hands-on training has a big impact on performance. Thus, we give our people chances to learn about the specific skills needed in our field, and then practice them until mastery is achieved. Public speaking, networking, and ways of connecting with potential Inspire Energy customers all improve through role-playing and repetition.

Finally, we use business trips as a way to supplement the knowledge we share in-office. All by itself, travel encourages development. The simple act of stepping outside our comfort zones and visiting a new city or country helps us broaden our horizons and come back home with a fresh perspective. To this, we add knowledge from leadership conferences, R&R retreats, and cross-training at other high-performing offices.

Learning is the core of our firm’s success, and we know it will continue to fuel our growth in the future. Learn more about our training by following Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc on Twitter.