COLUMBIA, MD – The entire Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc organization took part in the Race Against Traffick, a fundraiser to fight against human trafficking. The firm’s President discussed the benefits of community involvement.

“Leadership is one of our company principles, and we extend it beyond our office and into our community,” stated Samuel, Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc’s President. “As a way of demonstrating our commitment to being frontrunners, we often support nonprofits and worthwhile causes in the area.”

The company’s most recent giveback effort involved the Race Against Traffick, a 5K/10K run and family fun walk. The purpose of the event was to help mobilize resources and equip concerned citizens to put an end to human trafficking in Maryland.

“As a team, we stay alert for ways to support events in our community, and we all agreed that this was a great opportunity,” Samuel declared. “Human trafficking is a serious problem, and something everyone should be fighting against. We’re proud to do our part and enjoyed spending time outside the office with our colleagues and with other civic-minded people. Most of us ran, but those who couldn’t still participated in some way. Some of us volunteered to help set up or hand out water, and others donated money. This foundation means a lot to us, and we support everything it stands for.”

Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc’s President Highlights the Benefits of Giving Back

While the main purpose of getting involved with an event like the Race Against Traffick is to make a positive difference in the world, Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc reaps benefits too. For instance, raising money for charity is an exercise in setting, pursuing, and achieving goals. Mastering these skills is important for any professional, especially those in the customer acquisition industry.

“Community involvement is an excellent way to build a thriving professional network as well,” said Samuel. “We meet really interesting people while taking part in events like the Race Against Traffick, but even more importantly, we meet people who share similar values to ours and those with a passion for change. These are the best types of contacts to make. They’re motivated, goal-oriented changemakers who stand up for what they believe in.”

The chance to acquire new or practice old talents is yet another Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc perk that comes with giving back to those in need. As an example, Samuel pointed out that exercise is always a good thing, but sometimes it takes an event like a fundraiser to get people moving. In turn, a consistent workout habit increases physical stamina, mental clarity, and overall health, all of which can make a person more successful in whatever they do.

“We also build camaraderie when we get outside the office for a cause,” Samuel concluded. “Our bonds of friendship deepen when we work together to make a positive change in the world. For all these reasons, plus the fact that it’s the right thing to do, I’m proud of the way our team pulled together for the Race Against Traffick.”

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