As we evaluate potential additions to Team Chesapeake Bay Management Group, Inc., we pay special attention to the questions they ask. These are the topics we want to hear candidates ask about when they interview for positions on our team.

It’s always good when a potential hire asks what success looks like in the position he or she hopes to fill. Expectations could be different from managers versus what’s in a standard job description, so it’s nice to know that jobseekers have thought about this. It’s a helpful way for candidates to fill in any gaps in their understanding of the job itself.

We also like it when prospective additions to our team ask about the Chesapeake Bay Management Group, Inc. culture. This displays a genuine interest in fitting in right from the beginning, which is a big part of succeeding in the long run. One of the best ways to learn about our workplace is to ask what our hiring managers like best about it.

Opportunities for growth within our company are also fair game for questions from interviewees. This shows us that people are already thinking about the future and their ongoing improvement. Both of these considerations are at the forefront in our developmental strategy.

We listen for these types of questions every time we interview a potential hire. Check out the Chesapeake Bay Management Group, Inc. Newswire for more of our hiring insights.