Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc has been on the forefront when it comes to promoting Inspire Energy’s green solutions. Our results-driven approach to customer acquisitions has consistently netted measurable outcomes as we help consumers realize the benefits of clean energy. With success comes growth, which is why we’re ready to add more people to our team.

“Right now is a great time to get on board with Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc,” said Samuel, our President. “We’re creating a movement for change and providing customers with incentives to make the switch to renewable energy.”

When it comes to candidates, we look for specific qualities over experience. We have a thorough training program that provides incoming executives with the knowledge and skills they need to promote alternate energy suppliers, like Inspire Energy. “We seek people who are ready to learn and help others in our office grow,” noted Samuel. “An open mind-set and a thirst for continual improvement are the key traits that matter to us in our recruitment process.”

“What’s great about working for Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc is we sincerely love to develop people and help them become their best selves,” he continued. “If this is something that appeals to you, and you share our passion for raising our voices for good, then you would fit right in with our team.”

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