One of the keys to our success as a team is that we only hire people who are eager to learn and willing to strive for greatness. Having a growth mind-set is the key to consistent progress and achieving all of our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc goals.

When we interview, we look for the traits that accompany a passion for learning, such as focus, drive, time management, and strong communication. That way, these future superstars don’t slip through the cracks. One of our great honors as a team is supporting our colleagues and watching them reach their greatest ambitions, so we make sure to bring the people on board that we know will make the most of our program.

Along with a zeal for lifelong learning, we appreciate those who go above and beyond what is expected of them. When an applicant can show us a history of exceeding goals, we know we’re talking to a person that could do well on our team.

While it doesn’t get as much press as some other traits, having executive presence impresses Team Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc as well. Poise and professional demeanor often indicate leadership potential, and when combined with drive and a lifelong learning habit we know we’re in the midst of a superstar.

These are just a few of the characteristics we look for in a great candidate. Follow Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc on Instagram for more.