Motivating people is an important yet challenging leadership responsibility. In the Chesapeake Bay Management Group management training program, we emphasize effective methods of inspiring others. Here are our favorite techniques:


  • Focus on Purpose: Your people need to understand your expectations to perform well, but it shouldn’t end there. They should also know the reason for their work how they contribute to overall success. This knowledge adds meaning to their efforts, and they’ll feel valued. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to do their best.

  • Tap Into Passions: It makes sense that professionals deliver the most impressive results when they can do work that sparks their passions. The Chesapeake Bay Management Group coaching system allows our leaders to gain insight into our interests and strengths. The one-on-one attention is perfect for learning about individual passion.

  • Maintain a Fun Office Atmosphere: If people feel comfortable and happy, they will be productive. That’s why it’s important to create and maintain a fun office culture. Lead by example, supporting your colleagues and praising their hard work. Set ambitious goals and organize friendly competitions to meet them. Further strengthen bonds by hosting group outings. We enjoy team dinners, for instance, and give to worthy causes in our area.


Take these steps to keep your people inspired and energized, and check out our Chesapeake Bay Management Group [Newswire] for more ideas.