We’ve all heard that it’s important to have as big a professional network as possible, and the value of knowing the skills required to connect with others. But we like to go beyond the how of doing things and understand why. With that in mind, we’d like to present a few of the most compelling reasons that make networking such an important attribute for Team Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc.

First, knowing the right people leads to personal and professional growth. Association is one of the key principles to success – success guru Jim Rohn famously said that everyone is the average of the five people with whom they spend the most time. That makes networking a proactive way to ensure we’re connecting with those who are as motivated to succeed as we are.

Also, the more people we know, the more access to info we have. A contact list gives us access to our connections’ cumulative knowledge, increasing our ability to take smart risks and find the best solutions to any challenges we face. Along with data, we receive support and even friendship from our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc networks too (a kind of information we’ve learned to appreciate).

For these reasons and more, we know how important it is to network. Check out our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc Newswire feed for more on how and why to connect with others.