While expertise and work ethic are still major factors in the success a person achieves, having connections is crucial in the digital age. A well-curated Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc network gives us knowledge of the cutting-edge tools and techniques being used in our industry, along with access to the cumulative knowledge of all our connections. All this, plus a group of professionals that serve as a cheering squad, and it’s no wonder that many people believe a person’s potential can be determined by the size of his or her contact list.

There are two ways Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc helps team members build connections. The first is through our training program, which covers all the job and leadership skills a person needs to thrive in our industry. Along with basics like communication strategies, we cover specific techniques such as icebreakers and how to follow up with new contacts.

Then, we actually send our team members out to meet other professionals as part of our travel program. We attend leadership conferences, R&R retreats, and workshops where we meet with and learn from top names in our field, sharing contact information and looking for ways to support them in their careers while furthering our own.

Networking is one of the most important competencies an ambitious professional can have. Like Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc on Facebook to see what other aptitudes we teach.