Team Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc is pleased to announce that we’ve added a new admin to our office. We welcome Charlotte to the fold. It’s a pleasure to have her join us, as we know that she brings with her the type of energy and drive that has helped our firm continue to grow as we spread the word about Inspire Energy.

There are so many opportunities here in our Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc headquarters for ambitious people to thrive. Our learning environment is second to none as we develop people for long-term careers rather than simply roles. What determines how far someone excels with our firm is often a matter of what traits they possess. Here are three qualities we seek when recruiting for new associates and advancing seasoned team members:

• Accountability: We seek people who have a track record of good follow-through. In other words, individuals whose actions match their words.

• Adaptability: Even the best-laid plans can require a swift change. Since we consistently monitor our progress to be sure our campaigns are fully optimized for Inspire Energy, we gravitate toward people who can be agile and adapt to new strategies and situations quickly.

• Self-Starter: Since our environment is quite empowering, our team members have plenty of room to take ownership of projects. Therefore, people who can take initiative get a closer look when it comes hiring and promotions.

This will be a year of growth for our team. Check out Chesapeake Bay Management Group Inc’s Newswire for more updates and announcements.